When a youth fails to graduate it affects everyone in the community – the child, the family, the businesses, the faith community and the civic groups and community groups. All parties suffer when a youth decides to drop out of school, but all parties benefit when a youth can develop the skills and discipline needed to graduate.

IAM4kids is a faith-based 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization that has successfully been able to uniteĀ the Lawrence County, Tennessee community with the school system since 1996. OurĀ one-to-one mentoring program has been instrumental in assisting this school system in providing mentors for the after school program “Safe & Smarter,” where children receive snacks, outside activities, tutoring and mentoring, two hours per day, Monday-Friday.

We provide more than 50 community mentors from the faith community every academic year. In addition, we’ve had a volunteer mentor sit on every school disciplinary hearing panel since 2007.

We provide surrogate parents to help children in state custody to plan their academic calendar and have been instrumental in helping counselors in the school system start three in-school mentoring programs. We even work with high school students to train them for the “Kids Helping Kids” that provides high school mentors to elementary students.

Our aim is to take IAM4kids to every school system in the state of Tennessee and across the United States. To learn more about this initiative, please contact our Executive Director Steve Seaton.